Escape the World Retreat

This last week was so magical that I have decided to let the photos tell the story. (Read as ... I am really short on time and haven't written anything post-worthy).

My amazing fortune continues... I am setting sail this afternoon for an eight-day transfer to Singapore via Borneo.

Notice: If I don't put up a new post by October 7, send out the Indonesia Coast Guard or assume that I have become a wench on a pirate boat.


Offerings are EVERYWHERE here. They say that Balinese women spend 60% of their lives in devotion, mostly making offerings.
We were treated to an offering-making class. These are the ones I made and offered up to the Ganesha statue on our last day.

Bali Botanical Gardens
Hedge labyrinth
Bike Trip
Traditional Balinese village

Bali children


Sunrise yoga at Mt. Batur, VolcanoEscape the World retreat group
The resort



EaronE said…
wow.. u took alot beautiful pics..

two thumbs up!! ^^...

will u watch asian beach games..??

it'll take place in bali next month..

watch it OK..!! hahhaha..
Captnbaker said…
These pictures rock! I went to ISSW this week in Vancouver and thought of you as I'm sure there were a lot of folks there you would have known.

It sounds as though the adventure continues for you...steer clear of pirates!

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