Sailing Away

Marco, one of my yoga school Gurus, told us one day during class, that while yogis are generally humble, it does no good to downplay the positives in your life. In fact, Marco said we should tell people about our good fortune from a place not of either humility or boastfulness, but rather so that our good fortune might spread to others. Basically, I took Marco’s teaching to mean that if someone sees me as happy most of the time, or fortunate, or peaceful, that perhaps they will ask why I seem to lead such a charmed life and from that example maybe they will find their own yoga, their own path, and they too can benefit from my luck.

Of course luck is a bad yogi word. We make our life what it is. I have worked hard to get to where I am. I have made hard decisions and been alternately selfless and selfish as the timing required. Anyway, this is all just a big lead up to my telling you about the last week of my life which was beyond fortunate, beautiful and educational.

After receiving Mary’s text, Elizabeth and I made our way to the Marina and were treated to a fantastic day sail. Along for the ride were many of Ed and Mary’s local friends most of who work for, run or otherwise facilitate some of the best restaurants, hotels and spas on the island. These folks also comprise a local Aussie-rules football team who played this weekend in Singapore in the Asia Cup – a game which Elizabeth attended. Go Bali Geckos!

Our day sail was spectacular and it gave me a chance to see Bali from the sea. The next day Elizabeth headed back to Singapore and I packed a bag for a week away from Ubud. I spent Sunday and Monday on the boat with Ed, Mary and Jason (the third member of their crew).

Sunday evening we went to Ku De Ta (KTD) an ultra-hip bar/restaurant in Seminyak that Mary’s friend Marcus manages. Among the many pleasures of KTD is a wonderful and friendly surf break out front. One glass of liquid courage and I was paddling out for my first surf in Bali.

My first attempt and I stood right up for what felt like a beautiful ride albeit with a not-so-graceful dismount - just like riding a bike, seems you don’t forget how to surf. However, my shoulders quickly reminded me that surfing uses muscles nothing else I do requires. A few more attempts to paddle to the line up and half the ocean of swallowed water led me back to the plush ocean-front couches of KDT, very content with my first surf of the trip and happy to watch the sunset.

That evening was such fun. I miss my friends and family back home very much and to have made good friends over here makes the distance seem less great - makes my solitary circumstances easier for me. Ed, Mary and Jason have welcomed me into their family and have made me love this little island all the more for their presence here.
Tuesday was a leisurely day on the boat capped with a cook off where each of us prepared a dish and we feasted on far too much shrimp, scallops, veggies and salad. The evening was completed with a movie on the boat. What a treat to have a real, normal, domestic night!

Since I decided to come to Bali I have wanted to take a side trip to the Gili islands. I admit I had never heard of these little islands off the coast of Lombok until I read Eat, Pray, Love – thanks Elizabeth Gilbert for that. The plan for Wednesday is to take a boat to the Gilis to be alone and silent and spend three or four days to solving all the world’s problems – or at least trying to solve some of the burning questions in my own life.


Anonymous said…
I think this would be my favorite part of the trip! Sounds like Bali and Yoga have been really good for you!

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