Today we took a rest day. Maybe the riders can keep up this fever-pace but not me. Beth and I took Roberto to the finish area this morning, and that was as close to watching the tour as we got for stage 19. In fact I learned who won the stage from Dan way back in Colorado, rather than from anyone on this end of the action. Instead we opted for a day of pure touristic pleasures.
Now that we have our own car the open road called and we ventured out to find some scenic and hedonistic endeavors. As we drove along the countryside we came upon a field of wildflowers so big and plentiful that I couldn’t believe it could have happened naturally. After that delight, I called out to the gods of travel for a field of sunflowers to photograph as we had passed dozens on various drives, but had never had a chance to take pictures of them. Not only was a field delivered but so was some amazing sunlight to make sure the bright yellow flowers blinded us with their brightness and contrast to the green fields around them.

Beth made some snarky (but apt) comment on how I always get whatever I want so I decided to test this theory and called out for a vineyard for us to visit. About ten clicks down the road a sign pointing us to a vigne indĂ©pendante appear alongside the road. So we followed it and sure enough we ended up at a vineyard. Unfortunately I was not specific enough in my request and thus we were unable to drink any wine at the vineyard. No problem, I know how this works now. “I want a cafĂ© in a cute little French country-side town with wine to drink and some fantastic lunch offering for a reasonable price within the next ten kilometers… Please.” And again my wishes were granted.

For 11.50 Euros I got four courses of heaven. A meat and salad platter, a plate of fish and vegetables smothered in a sauce made I think only of cream and buttery goodness, a cheese plate and finally dessert. When our bill came we saw that the jug of wine we had ordered cost a mere 1.75 Euro. Proof that it is in fact cheaper to drink wine in France than water.
On the drive home I asked for a leprechaun with a pot of gold, but apparently I had used up my three wishes for the day. I’ll start with that one tomorrow.

Note: I put up two posts today - check the archives for the post about Stage 18 - What does confisquez mean?


Anonymous said… far so good...magic included. Skype us before Beth goes. 7 AM our time the 29th.


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