Departure Day

I am currently having one of those out-of-body experiences reserved for truly monumental days or crazy people. During this particular episode, I am hovering up above, looking down at me in the Denver Red Carpet Club. I’m am typing away at my computer… I look like crap. No doubt a byproduct of not sleeping in the last three days, and having just said goodbye to my best friend/soon to be ex-husband and my beloved dog.

As if the zombie-like look on my face and disheveled hair weren’t enough, the very limited amount of space in my luggage didn’t allow for a cute travel outfit appropriate for a nine-hour overnight flight, so the resulting mismatched ensemble of capris, tee shit and a purple hoodie gives me away among the suits here in The Club - one of these things is definitely not like the others.

During my last 24 hours in Colorado I managed to tie up the final lose ends for my trip. I met Sippy (my travel agent/friend) for a bon voyage cocktail, had dinner with Dan and my dear friend Kristin and perhaps most notably had my last Colorado meal at Casa Bonita. I think there is a really good chance I am the first person to ever go directly from Casa Bonita to Frankfurt, Germany. This is my new claim to fame.
Casa Bonita is renowned among the 3-9 year-old demographic and many of my Colorado friends pined for months to be able to celebrate a birthday at Casa Bonita in their day. It’s a little bit of the old and tired portions of Las Vegas mixed with taco bell right here in Denver, and just off Colfax! Tacos, dinner theater, crack…you name it, it’s all available at or around Casa Bonita. There is cliff diving and a haunted cave, overpriced adult beverages, old west gun fights and Pace Picante Sauce galore. I could try and paint you a picture of all the wonders of this Denver landmark, but why waist time when South Park has already covered this topic so aptly

So after my meal of burritos accompanied by the screeching serenades of young children I find myself here, floating above my tired-looking, despondent self once again huddled in Denver International Airport. This current state is not unexpected - in fact I saw this coming from miles away. But what I see coming in the not-too-distant future is about 16 hours straight of sleep and then a reawakening that promises to be something to tag along for.

I’ll be in Frankfurt tomorrow, London on Saturday and Ireland on Monday. Goodbye Colorado… see you again sometime in four to six (or maybe more) months.


Seamus said…
Hi Rachel,

Fantastico! You write so beautifully, I can't wait to hear about you're adventures on the Emerald Isle. Give my best to Roberto (aka Monsieur Roll) and Beth.

Allez, allez, allez!

JP, B, and the kids

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