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Begin at the Beginning

The Beginning

What do you want to do? A seemingly innocuous question, and yet one that has become the bane of my existence over the last six or so months. It's right up there with those other seemingly normal questions that cause the knees of the one to whom the question is directed to buckle. Those questions in chronological order are: What's your favorite subject? What college are you going to go to? What do you want to study? Are you seeing anyone? When are you going to propose? When is he going to propose? When are you getting married? Have you found a dress yet? When are you going to start a family? Are you trying yet? Have you chosen a name? Where will your child go to college? Rinse... and repeat. The answer to "what do you want to do" has been eluding me for the better part of six months. It kinda took a back seat to - How can I save my marriage? Do I want to save my marriage? Does he want to save our marriage? Now what? The mere mention of the dreaded question was known t

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