Singapore Sling

On the way to Bali I made a stopover in Singapore, yet another place I have never been and a as it turns out, a really affirming way to enter Asia. Singapore was never on my list of places to go, in truth I only decided to stop here because I had to, to get to Bali. But yet again fate has led me to a really cool place. Singapore is beautiful and clean and the people are friendly, English is spoken everywhere and 75 cents will net you one Singaporean Dollar. Oh how nice it is to be somewhere that’s currency is not double the value of the U.S. dollar – welcome to S.E. Asia!

Before I left, I let a bunch of people know my destinations incase they knew anyone that I could grab a drink with or stay with or just generally get to know. My godparents, Rick and Edith, introduced me via email to Elizabeth Coss, a friend of theirs who is teaching art therapy at the university here. Elizabeth very kindly offered to let me stay the night.
The view from her home is stunning. I arrived right at sunset and the light could not have been more beautiful. Elizabeth and I went out for a bite to eat on the river, just across the bridge from her place and we had a really nice night. As it turns out she is coming to Bali at the end of July when I am finished with school and we have made plans to meet up there. I love it when things come together.

This morning I woke up, let my family and friends know where I was, posted to this blog and generally took my own sweet time leaving Elizabeth’s very comfortable pad. I strolled along the river to the nearby shopping center. Oh the wonders inside this plain looking building, clothing stores, groceries, a bowling alley and an ice skating rink complete with Singaporean, mulleted hockey players! And on the lowest level in a hidden corner… a reflexology studio where for less than $50 I treated myself to two hours of foot, leg and shoulder-rubbing bliss topped off with a pedicure. Just what my weary body needed after a week of solid abuse and yesterday’s 15-hour flight from Paris.

A quick $5 meal of sashimi and green tea and it was time to go. Now I am on a flight to Bali for three weeks of yoga, meditation and general well-being. After the debauchery of Le Tour this is just what I need, although I must admit it will be an abrupt and absolute change of pace. The first week of school is in silent meditation. All of our meals are provided for us and they are all vegetarian/healty – no cured pork products no aged-soft cheeses. There will be no caffeine, no sugar and no alcohol. The schedule calls for us to get up at 5:30 each morning for mediation, followed by yoga and study throughout the day and back to bed by 10pm. It’s like Betty Ford, a therapist and a convent all rolled into one and it is JUST what the doctor ordered.

As my last official act in Singapore, I stopped at the currency exchange and traded in the equivalent of $165 US dollars for 1,350,000 Indonesian Rupiah – I am going to love Bali!


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